At Aman Hospital , we believe that preventative healthcare helps improve your quality of life, tackle health alerts and reduce
the risk of developing health concerns in the future.  We have crystallized this concept into a comprehensive health assessment program to provide our patients with the best of care.

We are pleased to be introducing Aman Health Assessments! These complete health check-ups are tailored according to the patient’s gender and age. We have transformed the traditional health check-up examinations into an integrated, head-to-toe health evaluation by a team of world class medical experts.

Aman Health assessments take a personalized approach to your health and are designed specifically for you.  They have been thoughtfully designed to give you a complete picture of the body composition and its systems.
 Through a set of physical examination, radiology and laboratory investigations, our team of internationally qualified doctors will guide you to reduce the risk factors that could be tackled if a few necessary and simple alterations are made in your lifestyle.