Where Quality
Meets Luxury

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Medical PublicationsOur doctors are highly involved and active in research with over 700+ publications in top-tier journals.
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Medical Practice YearsQualified doctors with an average of 10 years of experience in the medical and surgical field.
Centers of ExcellenceExceptionally high concentration of expertise delivering associated healthcare needs in a multidisciplinary approach to deliver the best quality of care.
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Cutting-Edge EquipmentPatient-centric medical experience with high tech and state-of-the-art medical equipment .

Why Choose Aman Hospital?

Unparalleled Expertise

Internationally qualified doctors with an average of 10+ years of experience and 700+ publications in top tier journals

Strong academic and clinical background

Skilled to provide the highest healthcare needs

Certified by the American Board, the European Board, and fellows of the Royal Colleges

Graduated and trained from the top tier Universities and Medical centers
  • . Cleveland Clinic
  • . Johns Hopkins University
  • . Brigham & Women’s Hospital
  • . Mayo Clinic
  • . Stanford University
  • . Harvard University
  • . Columbia University
  • . Massachusetts Eye and Ear
  • . University of California, UCLA
  • . Weill Cornell Medicine
  • . Imperial College
  • . Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • . King’s College
  • . Sorbonne Université
  • . Faculté de Médecine Pitié-Salpêtrière
  • . Université Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie Paris
  • . McGill University of Medicine Montreal

Service Excellence

Integrating the Quality of Care with the Excellence of services provided:





Aman Hospital has created a plan to achieve excellent patient-centered care: 

Multidisciplinary approach for a top-grade patient-centered care model

A unique and customized plan of care for each patient

Peaceful and agreeable patient-centered care environment

Patient families are considered an essential part of the healthcare team

Our main goal is to integrate the quality of care with the excellence of services provided

Patient-Centered Care


Luxurious hospital providing topnotch healthcare services and facilities

Professional medical care merged with deluxe hospitality services

Place of comfort and relief among the best modern features

Fancy spaces with warmth and sympathy for a relaxed and stress-free environment

Top-grade hospitality services to ensure the satisfaction and wellbeing of patients and families
Providing unique and tailored care to our patient's needs is our privilege

Our Hospitality services include:

VVIP & Royal suites
Private & VIP rooms
Hospitality trained staff to ensure the comfort of patients and families
Gourmet restaurant
24/7 In-room dining for patients & families
Coffee shop 24/7
Modern Infotainment systems in inpatient rooms
IPTV system with Movies on demand


90+ cutting-edge equipment

High tech patient-centered care medical experience

Telehealth services with ultimate privacy considerations

Authentic and unique digital experience (patient portal, patient application, Infotainment)

New diagnostic procedures, therapies, and medical devices

Effective and proactive technology-enabled care models

Incorporated and inclusive techniques for effective health encounters

Use of the latest medical solutions

Direct access to experts and their exclusive experience

State-of-the-art medical technology integration based on our patient’s needs

Guest technology platforms offer a unified transition between home and hospital stay

Implementing a scientific and fact-based approach with the help of our data management systems

The latest medication dispensing system

Ultra-modern technology to analyze imaging throughput, radiation dose levels, and scan protocols from a departmental view down to each device and procedure

Digitally enhanced experience throughout the journey

Free digital access to thousands of international newspapers and magazines via the PressReader application

Authentic and unique digital experience via our health blog, mobile app, and regularly updated website

Interactive patient engagement through technology directly to the bedside

Bringing the Spirit of Hospitality to Healthcare

The new luxurious hospital in Qatar where healthcare and hospitality synchronize

Our Core Values:


Perform duties with distinction and strive to improve our abilities to be innovative and set a standard for others


Open to other points of view and committed to continuous improvement


Optimize operational performance and protocols while constantly supporting a qualified workforce


Treat patients with compassion and demonstrate a high regard for the dignity and worth of each person

5 Centers of Excellence

A One-Stop-Shop model combines multiple health service providers in a unique single location to deliver the best healthcare services in a luxurious, welcoming atmosphere.

Meet Our Doctors

Top Expertise Available at Your Service

Ali A. Haydar

Interventional and Diagnostic Radiology

Bassem Safadi

General Surgery